Doctors and technology

Doctors and technology

Doctors are now embracing technology in a big way. Many other industries have already been disrupted by technology and now Healthcare is set to be the next big disrupted industry.

Doctors like leading Gynecologist Dr. Karoshi are part of the new breed who are using apps for online appointment bookings and video consultations.

Digital technology is bringing healthcare professionals and patients closer together – but face-to-face information from peers, KOLs and rep visits remain the biggest influencers on prescribing behaviour – that is one of the key findings of a global online survey of healthcare professionals published by market research agency Cello Health Insight.

Despite 41% of doctors agreeing that Mobile Apps could be a ‘game changer’, globally just 36% said they are likely to recommend a Mobile Health App to their patients, with the biggest barrier being the fact that not all patient have smartphones (and therefore the need for a universal system).

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